Saturday, November 9, 2013

Book by blind author Donna Hill. The Heart of Applebutter Hill.

Ever wish you could do something to make sighted people just get it? What would it take to create a quantum shift in the level of fear, pity, low expectations and negativity regularly displayed by the sighted world? Try giving them a good story for the holidays, like The Heart of Applebutter Hill by Donna W. Hill.

An adventure-mystery for general audiences, it features a 14-year-old legally blind heroine. The Heart of Applebutter Hill is not a "coming-to-terms-with-blindness story." The adventure could have happened to a sighted kid. If the author, who was born legally blind, had been willing to write blindness out of the story, she wouldn't have had to self-publish it.

The Heart of Applebutter Hill has received recommendations from professionals in the fields of education, rehabilitation and the arts as a valuable resource for diversity-inclusivity and anti-bullying initiatives in colleges and secondary schools. Recommenders include Louisiana School for the Blind Braille teacher and author Jerry Whittle, NFB Writers' Division President and Chair of the NFB's Communications Committee Robert Leslie Newman, Future Reflections editor and novelist Deborah Kent Stein and web accessibility expert Dr. Brian Wentz. You can read their comments at:  

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and you have a great opportunity to influence public opinion, support a blind author and share an exciting adventure-mystery. The proceeds from The Heart of Applebutter Hill provide Braille books for blind students.

Throughout history, from Uncle Tom's Cabin and Oliver Twist to Roots & Children of a Lesser God, fiction has played a major role in enlightening the general public about social justice issues.,. The privacy and intimacy inherent in reading will provide a safe place for people to confront their own prejudice and to develop an intuitive understanding that blind people have valuable and unpredictable contributions to make in all aspects of life, as employees, students, co-workers, citizens and friends.

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