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2013 NFB of Kentucky State Convention Info & Registration Form.

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The 2013 NFB of Kentucky
State Convention

By Cathy Jackson,
President, National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky

I hope you have circled the dates of October 4, 5 and 6 on your calendar because this is the weekend we will call the 66th annual state convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky to order.  Although the agenda has not been put to bed just yet, I can give you plenty of preliminary information so that you can plan ahead.

Let the party begin!  Our NFB of Greater Louisville is hosting the 2013 NFBK convention.  Melanie Peskoe, President, is working with the NFBGL Board and the members to plan our Friday evening social.  It’s a great way to have fun with old friends and new ones too.  

You can begin making your room reservations at the Ramada Inn, 9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY, by calling (502) 491-4830.  Our room rates are $89.95 per night, per room, plus tax.  You are strongly encouraged to make your reservations on or before September 13.  As usual, the hotel is under no obligation to hold our block of rooms after this cut-off date.  You are taking a gamble by waiting.  I also want to remind you to let the operator know you are with the NFBK so you are assured of receiving our hotel rate.

Again this year we would like to offer first-timers the opportunity to apply for a financial scholarship.  George Stokes chairs this committee and he can be contacted for an application and additional information.  His email address and phone number are:, (502) 330-2344.  The deadline for assistance is September 15.  The amount of assistance given will be determined on an individual basis.

Any time we are working with a hotel and using their catering services, meals tend to be a bit more expensive than eating in a restaurant.  We try to keep expenses at a minimum, but we can’t afford to loose money either.  We will charge a $10 registration fee.  This money helps defray convention expenses such as printing agendas, banquet tickets for invited guests, rooms for scholarship finalists and our National Representative.  The silver lining is your registration fee makes you eligible for door prizes.  Our open board meeting and luncheon are once again on the agenda.  The cost per person is $20.  Our traditional Saturday evening banquet is $32.  A pre-registration form is included as an attachment to this email.  Please complete the form and include your check or money order payable to the NFB of Kentucky and mail it directly to Mike Freholm, 2012 Harris Way, Russell, KY 41169.  Mike needs to have your payment no later than September 22nd.  This
 gives us plenty of time to get accurate head counts for the number of meals we need and to be able to work with the hotel on room setup.  Don’t forget to include the names of all persons for whom you are registering and purchasing meal tickets.

Mike Freholm will man the registration table in the lobby of the hotel from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM Friday afternoon and again on Saturday morning from 8:00 AM until 8:45 AM.  You should stop by and pick up your badge and meal tickets during these times.  Those who have not pre-registered can register during the hours of operation.  Make note: for those who register at convention there will be an additional $5 added to the cost of registration and to each meal ticket purchased.

Included on the registration form is information you must complete if you plan to take advantage of child-care.  Every effort is made to insure that your children are well taken care of, so we need plenty of time to prepare.  We would like for parents to let us know as soon as possible if we can expect your child(ren).  Please get in touch with Melanie Peskoe at (502) 380-3700.  If we haven’t heard from you by Friday, September 27 we will make provisions based on the number of children who have confirmed.  Child-care will be open all day Saturday, October 5 from 8:30 AM until after the banquet.  Lunch and snacks will be provided. 

Our reverse raffle tickets are back by popular demand.  Please, please help us sell a record number of these tickets.  One major expense each year is our college scholarships.  The proceeds from this fundraising event go a long way to help a worthy student meet the financial burden of tuition, books and other expenses.  You can contact me personally to obtain tickets by calling, (502) 366-2317. 

Pamela Glisson will chair our resolutions committee.  If you have a resolution to submit, or a proposal you should contact Pamela at,, or by phone at, (859) 335-9282. 

Denise Franklin has been appointed to chair the awards committee.  Please give serious thought to those individuals you believe deserve recognition.  Individuals are eligible to receive the: Susan B. Rarick, Harold L. Reagan, and T. V. Cranmer awards.  Our chapters and divisions doing outstanding work in the organization can be nominated for the Robert E. Whitehead award.  If you have any thoughts about awards please contact Denise ASAP at, or by phone at (502) 499-0759.  She will appreciate your input.

Tressie Smith, a member of the NFBGL board, is in charge of door prizes.  You should contact Tressie when you arrive at the hotel.  She will be more than happy to relieve you of your packages.  New items for both men and women are requested, and some of that green folding stuff too.  

Our Technology Assistance Division (TAD) is planning another technology seminar.  Last year’s session went so well that the division thought it would be a splendid idea to try again at the 2013 convention.  Todd Stephens, President of the division, is working on a program that will present information and hands-on-experience with the iPad.  There is also going to be an update on NFB NEWSLINE.  Pamela and John Glisson will have a wealth of information to share.  A little bird told me there would be a couple of surprise guests in the house.  This session will begin at 3:00 PM Friday afternoon.     

Our Kentucky Association of Blind Students, (KABS) will gather for their annual meeting and election of officers at 6:00 PM on Friday.  Katie Adkins, president, is working on the agenda.  The focus will be on transition from college to a career.  Katie wants to invite all students, high school and college to attend.  There are issues unique to students, so don’t be shy about opening up to your comrades.  Networking is the name of the game.   

The convention will be gaveled to order on Saturday morning promptly at 9:00 AM.  We will have the affiliate report along with guest speakers during the morning session.  Then at noon we will have the open board meeting and luncheon.  I hope you will decide to dine with us.  This is your chance to meet the NFBK board and watch us in action.  We will go back into general session at 2:00 PM.  We start with the report from our National Office.  Patti Chang, the President of our Illinois Affiliate and Member of the National Board of Directors is our representative.  The afternoon is devoted primarily to business, which includes: a legislative report, resolutions, funding the movement, election of officers, and any other business that needs to be brought before the assembly.

We wrap up our Saturday in a neat little package we call the banquet.  It’s time to let our hair down and bask in the glory, which is the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky.  We will enjoy a meal, which symbolizes a family coming together.  Patti Chang will deliver our banquet address.  Patti and I have gotten to be good friends over the years and I was excited when Dr. Maurer assigned her to be our national representative. 

It is only fitting to honor our scholarship winners at this most auspicious occasion.  We should be proud of them, for They deserve all of the accolades and applause we can give them.  I for one, am delighted that we are able to continue with our scholarship program.  Education is such a big part of what we do to help blind students realize a better future. 

We save the presentation of awards until the banquet because those who are being honored deserve to have the spotlight shining on them, even if it is just for a few minutes.  They are being recognized because of their commitment to our cause.

We won’t adjourn the banquet until all of our drawings have taken place.  You can’t win if you don’t participate.  Bring a few extra bucks and support our affiliate, chapters, and divisions.  Melanie Peskoe, will MC the banquet.  Melanie, are you up to the challenge?  I think so.

The National Association to Promote the use of Braille in Kentucky meets on Sunday morning.  Michael Freholm, President would like to get started at 9:00 AM.  He wants to encourage all of you to attend, even if you aren’t a Braille reader.  He says we need new and innovative ideas from every corner of the state and everywhere in-between to keep this division alive.

I can always be reached for questions and suggestions at or (502) 366-2317.  I hope to see your smiling face at convention.  Remember, we wouldn’t be who we are--the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky without you.

NFB of Kentucky State Convention
October 4, 5 & 6 2013

This application should be completed and returned to Mike Freholm, 2012 Harris Way, Russell, KY  41169 no later than Monday, September 22, 2013.  Make your check or money order payable to NFB of Kentucky.

REGISTRATION ($10.00)                            TOTAL
Number_______                                       $________      





LUNCHEON ($20.00)

Number­­­________                              $___________

BANQUET ($32.00)

Vegetarian-----Regular-----Banquet Meal       $_____________
Child(ren) Name-------------------------------------------------
Parent’s Name___________________________  

Number Sold_________                            $__________

DONATION                                         $__________

TOTAL ENCLOSED                                      $__________

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