Monday, June 25, 2012

Communication Committee Meeting at 2012 NFB Convention

Hi you all: If you are attending the 2012 convention, are interested in taking part to improve the overall effectiveness of our Federation’s communications, come to the NFB Communications Committee annual meeting. Join in on our two hour “Think Tank.” Here is how the agenda item reads: **Monday July 2nd: “…6:00 - 8:00 pm­NFB COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE (Formerly the Newsletter Publications Committee); Edelweiss Room, Atrium mezzanine We’ve changed our name! Join our think tank; the Questions are: how are we doing, and how can we Improve our overall communication within and outside our Federation? Robert Leslie Newman, Chairperson…” A scripted formula will be used to create a meaningful report, a road map to improving our communications. Robert Leslie Newman Personal Website- Adjustment To Blindness And Visual impairment http// NFB Writers’ Division, president Chair of the NFB Communications Committee

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