Thursday, March 8, 2012

Calling on all Federationists, Crisis in Mississippi!

Dear NFB Family,

WE are in great need of support for a crisis in Mississippi. Recently HB960 was introduced to the Education Committee. We as members of Parents of Blind Children sat down with Mississippi Department of Education and Mississippi School for the Blind. We made compromises to include their thoughts and made an agreement on the bill that would go through house and Senate. It (HB960) passed the House Education Committee with the agreed upon changes. It passed Senate Education Committee without the agreed upon changes and weaker language. We need you to email our Representatives and Our Senators in support of HB960. This bill calls for competent braille teachers, text books on time, and aligns MS law with federal law when providing braille to low vision and blind students.
Please help us by listening to the video link below and then email and

Help us show Mississippi that 50,000 plus blind people are interested in the education of blind and low vision students. Let them know we will not sit on the outside of the room while they decide the future of our kids.
Thank you,
Casey Robertson
Teacher of Blind Students M.ED NCLB
"Casey West"

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