Friday, November 5, 2010

NFB of Greater Louisville 2010 Christmas Family Information

Good evening everyone,

As you may remember for the past several years our chapter has adopted a family in need for Christmas. This year's family has had a difficult couple of years and very much deserves our support. I would like to share more with you but I am respecting the families wish to remain anonymous. The only information I'll share is that this family is a part of the blind community and has children.
In order to simplify logistics we are taking a different approach this year. Instead of you going out and purchasing, wrapping, delivering to me, me organizing and delivering to the family, we ask that you donate money. This could be in form of cash, check made out to NFBGL or gift cards. This will allow the family to feel the joy of shopping for their children at Christmas.
I'd like all donations to be given to me no later than Sunday December 5th. Donations could be made at our November meeting or on December 5th at our Christmas party. If you'd rather mail a check, please make check payable to NFBGL and mail to,
Nickie Pearl
1014 Camden Ave.
Louisville, KY 40215-2753

Thank You!
Nickie Pearl, President
NFB of Greater Louisville