Friday, October 15, 2010

NFB of Kentucky 2010 State Convention Minutes

National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky
63rd Annual State Convention
September 24-26, 2010
Holiday Inn, Hurstbourne
Louisville, Kentucky

Friday, September 24, 2010

The convention kicked off at 4:00 with registration and exhibits. Three exhibitors participated this year: Envision America, Vision Aids, and Lab Computers.

At 6:00 the Kentucky Association of Blind Students held its annual business meeting and election of officers.

The Greater Louisville chapter hosted the Friday night hospitality from 9:00-Midnight. Refreshments were available along with a cash bar. This was an opportunity for members from across the state to see old friends and make new ones.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday morning began bright and early at 7:00 with the Merchant’s Division breakfast meeting. The Merchants conducted business while enjoying a nice warm breakfast.

The NFBK 2010 Scholarship winners and the scholarship committee also enjoyed a breakfast together. This was an opportunity for committee members and scholarship winners to meet and get to know one another a bit.

Morning General Session:

President, Cathy Jackson called the morning session to order at 9:00. Greg Gatton, member of the NFB of Greater Louisville gave the invocation. Nickie Pearl, president of NFBGL welcomed us to the city of Louisville. Scott LaBarre, President of the NFB of Colorado brought greetings from our national office.

Roll Call of Chapters and Divisions:

Ashland Chapter: Lora Felty, President
Frankfort Chapter: Jerry Young, President
Louisville Chapter: Nickie Pearl, president
Lexington Chapter: Pam Glisson, President
Pam presented a $100 check to the state from NFB of Lexington.
Murray Chapter: Danny Perry, President
Henderson Chapter: Lloyd Agnew, President
No members from the Henderson Chapter attended the convention this year.

NAPUB: Lora Felty, President
Merchants: Charlie Allen, President
Parents: Maria Jones, President
No members of the Parent Division attended the convention this year.
Students: Sarah Williams, President
TAD: Saundra Williams, President

Presidential Report: Cathy Jackson, President, NFB of Kentucky
In her 2010 presidential report, Cathy said that she did not want to rehash all that has happened in the past year; she wanted to share her vision of the future of NFBK. She would like to see us begin our convention on Friday, so that we can have more flexibility with scheduling. We would then have more time for divisions to meet and to plan special seminars and activities with specific emphasis. She would like to consider moving the Saturday business meeting to Sunday morning to give more time on the program for other items and to keep everyone involved. Cathy wants all of us to keep in touch better. Please let her know when chapters and divisions are having activities. She urged members to call her when issues arise. She wants to get an at large chapter established for individuals across the state who do not have a local chapter. This chapter could meet via conference call during the year, and meet in person at state convention. Cathy urged everyone to get involved and grow our NFBK to its full potential.

Congressman John Yarmouth of Kentucky’s 3rd District addressed the convention. Scott LaBarre asked to address Congressman Yarmouth. He urged him to not support HR5983. This piece of legislation would allow blind persons working in workshops to be paid below minimum wage. Congressman Yarmouth agreed to support the NFB in opposing this bill.

Introduction of 2010 Scholarship Finalists:
Angela Dehart; Freshman, Morehead State University
Courtney Adams; Freshman, Eastern Kentucky University, Corbin Campus
Derek Campbell; Freshman, University of Kentucky

What’s Happening in Our Kentucky Office for the Blind?
Allison Jessee, Director of Consumer Services and Gary Cusick, Acting Director, Charles McDowell Center
Issues discussed were:
See World Store-Still trying to figure out a way to re-open the store.
Stimulus funds received
Issues regarding vending program
Issues related to OFB counselors

Educating Our Blind Children in the Jefferson County Public Schools
Jackie June, Coordinator of Programs, Exceptional Child Education and Lucky Carmean, who works with technology in the district, Discussed programs for blind and visually impaired students in Jefferson County. They explained the various programs from itinerant to resource room, and the status of technology.
In the question and answer session following the presentation, Cathy asked why the two Braille Clerks who were hired after she retired were not required to know Braille. This initiated a huge discussion with many questions and comments. NFB members attempted to explain that technology cannot take the place of a knowledge of Braille, and how important it is for individuals making Braille documents for students be able to proofread the materials they produce with technology. The Jefferson County representatives grew agitated and defensive, not listening to reasonable discussion.

Following the conclusion of the questions and answers, Pam Glisson, chairperson of the Resolutions Committee presented Resolution 2010-01 that urged the Jefferson County Schools to require the two Braille clerks who they have hired to learn Braille. The motion passed unanimously.

All About Sports: Kenny Jones, president, Kentucky Association of Blind Athletes
Currently KABA sponsors goal ball, judo, yoga, and they hope to add beep baseball. Currently all events take place in Louisville, but KABA wants to extend across the state.

Our Member in the Armed Forces: John Glisson, Member, Board of Directors, NFBK
Due to time constraints, this agenda item was postponed.

Adjourned for Lunch

During the Noon-2:00 break, the annual open board meeting luncheon of the NFB of Kentucky was held.
(See board meeting minutes.)

Afternoon General Session:

President, Cathy Jackson called the afternoon general session to order.

Report from Our National Office: Scott LaBarre, President, NFB of Colorado
Issues discussed were:
Blind Driver Challenge
Imagination Fund
Pedestrian Safety Act
Social Security earnings limits
2011 Washington Seminar will be Mon., Jan. 31-Thurs., Feb. 3, 2011
2011 National Convention, Orlando, Florida, Rosen Properties
Affiliate Action and Membership
College Leadership Program
Parent Leadership Program
Jernigan Institute
Youth Slam 2011
Journal of Blindness Innovations and Research
Fund Raising-PAC Plan

News line Report: Pam Glisson, Kentucky News line Coordinator

John Glisson manages the Kentucky Channel
11 Kentucky papers currently available
Michigan lost News line
OFB has helped fund Newsline in Kentucky for 5 years
Job listings will be added to News line by end of 2010.

Legislations/Resolutions: Pam Glisson

Resolution 2010-01 was presented and passed during the morning general session

Resolution 2010-02:
This resolution deals with reasonable accommodations to movie content in movie theaters. After discussion and with a slight amendment, the motion passed unanimously.

Money Talks: Financing the Organization: Charlie Allen
Members made cash donations and pledges to the NFB of Kentucky.

General Business Meeting:

Treasurer’s Report: Ranelle Mackey, Treasurer
The balances below are as of September 24, 2010. They reflect the convention pre-registration income and do not reflect the expenses of the 2010 state convention.

Regular Checking: $6,793.97
Allen Scholarship Fund: $28,837.92
Cameron Fund: $2,392.87
Money Market CD: $69,219.02
Net: $107,243.78

The treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business: None

Nominating Committee Report and Election of Officers: Pam Glisson, Nominating Committee Chairperson-The nominating committee consisted of all local chapter presidents. The committee placed in nomination the following slate of officers and board members:

President: Cathy Jackson
1st Vice-President: Pam Glisson
2nd Vice-President: Charlie Allen
Secretary: Lora Felty
Treasurer: J. Mike Freholm

Board Members:
Denise Franklin
Saundra Williams
Tonia Gatton
John Glisson
George Stokes
Danny Perry

The election had the following results:

Cathy Jackson, President, Elected by acclamation.
Pam Glisson, 1st Vice-President, Elected by acclamation.
Charles Allen, 2nd Vice-President, Elected by acclamation.
Lora Felty, Secretary, Elected by acclamation.
J. Mike Freholm, Elected by acclamation.

Board of Directors:

Denise Franklin, Elected by acclamation.
Saundra Williams, Elected by acclamation.
Tonia Gatton, Elected by acclamation.
John Glisson, Elected by acclamation.
George Stokes, Elected by Acclamation.
Danny Perry, Elected by Acclamation.

New Business:

Lora Felty, NFBk secretary gave all board members CD copies of NFBK minutes and Cardinal issues from 2000-2010.

Leonard Stamper asked about the possibility of starting a guide dog user’s division in Kentucky. Cathy explained that there must be five members in order to start a new division. She said that this is certainly a possibility.

Pam Glisson commented in regards to a question from the floor, that according to Roberts Rules of Order, there should be an opportunity for public comment following the luncheon board meeting.
Michael K. Freholm asked about the NFBK web site that is currently not up to date. Cathy said that she will ask Dennis Franklin and Kevin Pearl to work together to get our web site updated. Scott Spaulding commented that he is willing to help with the web site also. He has some experience in web design.

Our Members in the Armed Forces:
John Glisson suggested that we postpone this item to next year, in hopes that our other members of the NFBK who have/are in the armed services can participate. The assembly agreed.

The afternoon business session adjourned.

Saturday Evening:

Annual Banquet of the NFB of Kentucky

Mistress of Ceremonies: Nickie Pearl, President, NFB of Greater Louisville
Invocation: Greg Gatton, Member NFBGL
Head Table: Charles & Betty Allen, Scott LaBarre, Cathy Jackson, Kevin & Nickie Pearl, Lora Felty, John & Pam Glisson
Key Note Address: Scott LaBarre, President, NFB of Colorado

Presentation of 2010 Scholarships: Lora Felty, Scholarship Committee Chairperson
NFB of Kentucky Scholarship: Derek Campbell, University of Kentucky
Emerson Foulke Memorial Scholarship: Courtney Adams, Eastern Kentucky University
Allen Scholarship: Angela Dehart, Morehead State University

Presentations of Awards: George Stokes, Chairperson Awards Committee, Along with Danny Perry & Denise Franklin
Robert Whitehead Award: Greater Louisville Chapter
Harold Reagan Award: Charlie Allen
Susan B. Rarick Award: Lora Felty
T.V. Cramner Award: Sharon Fields

Following awards, drawings for raffles and door prizes concluded the banquet.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Technology Assistance Division (TAD) met at 8:00 to conduct business and elect officers. Following, at 9:30, NAPUB, National Association to Promote the Use of Braille, met for the annual business meeting and to elect officers.

At the close of these division meetings, the 2010 NFB of Kentucky concluded.

Respectfully submitted,
Lora J. Felty, Secretary