Tuesday, July 9, 2013

United Blind Industrial workers of America

My fellow federationists,
It is my honor to have been elected as the chairman of the steering committee for the newly reconstituted United Blind Industrial workers of America. We will work together to eliminate all subminimum wage payments on the basis of disability, ensure equal opportunities for advancement for all blind workers, provide adequate training to blind workers in sheltered environments who are seeking mainstream employment, and defend the rights of blind workers who are abused by those who claim to be their protectors.
As of now, the UBIWA is in its earliest stages, and we are looking for members to give of their time, talent, and eventually treasure to make this developing division of the federation one of our strongest. Join the mailing list by sending a blank message to workers-subscribe@ubiwa.org or visit our website at http://www.ubiwa.org to keep up with developments as they occur.
On behalf of the committee I offer our thanks to the merchants division, the federation as a whole, Blind Industries and services of Maryland, and the lawyers division for their generous contributions which will make this organization possible.
Thomas Stivers


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