Friday, June 28, 2013

Details & Info: NFB Community Service Seminar at National Convention.

Community Service Seminar Agenda
Monday July 1, 2013
Salon 16, Second Level
Registration begins at 7:45pm

8:00 - 10:00 pm, Salon 16, level 2 (registration begins at 7:45 pm)

8:00: Welcome
Darian Smith, chairperson, Community Service Group

8:05: Service: From Requirement to Passion
Kaiti Shelton, secretary, Ohio Association of Blind Students, Cincinnati, Ohio

8:15: Championing Service: The Streams of Service and the Doors They Open
Hue Jacobs, State Program Specialist, Corporation for National and Community
Service, Florida State Office
John (Jack) Jordan, Private Attorney and Former AmeriCorps Member 

8:35: Group Gain and Give Back (pick a group and be ready to share your findings)

1. How to get your chapter involved in service projects via buy-in and teamwork
Mary Ann Mendez, board member, North Central Chapter, National Federation of
the Blind of Louisiana, Ruston, Louisiana

2. Working with difficult agencies/being turned away
Arielle Silverman, board member, Boulder Valley chapter, National Federation of
the Blind of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

            3. Further discussion on national service programs
            Hue Jacobs

8:55: Fostering a Culture of Service: How a Blindness Agency Involves the Blind in
Serving the Community
Jamey Gump, Youth Service Coordinator, Lighthouse for the blind and visually impaired, San Francisco, California

9:05: Equal Rights, Equal Responsibility, Equal Service
Anil Lewis, Director of Advocacy and Policy, National Federation of the Blind,
Baltimore, Maryland

9:15: From Roofs to Reception Desks: How Self-advocacy’s the Key
            Kathryn Webster, Greenwich, Connecticut
Somaya Tarin, secretary, Arizona Association of Blind Students, Mesa, Arizona

9:30: Success in AmeriCorps, Success in the Federation
            Sam Gleese, board member, National Federation of the Blind; president, National
Federation of the Blind of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi

9:40: The Skills Get Me Ready, the Desire Makes Me Willing, the Philosophy Says I’m
            Tony Olivero, Chair, Research and Development Committee, National Federation
of the Blind; legislative coordinator, National Federation of the Blind of
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

9:50: Wrap up 
Darian Smith, chairperson, Community Service Group

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