Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hit the Braille Trail this Summer with BRL

Please distribute to any and all who are interested in summer reading:

Dottie the dolphin,
Loves to read Braille.
She reads anytime,
Anywhere without fail.
She reads in the morning,
When she climbs out of bed.
She reads over breakfast,
Of crab cakes and squid.
She reads while basking,
In the warm summer sun.
She reads in the shadows,
When day is done.

Dottie the dolphin,
Reads Braille all year through.
Short books and long books,
Old books and new.
From her backpack of goodies,
She unearths quite a feast,
A smorgasbord of knowledge,
To say the least.
She devours every story, every chapter, every plot.
With her hunger for learning,
She consumes every dot.

Dottie the dolphin,
Reads in school.
When it comes to literacy,
She proclaims, "Braille rules!"
A life filled with Braille,
Is a life filled with knowledge.
Whether reading for pleasure,
Or studying for college.

Dottie knows Braille is the key,
That unlocks every door.
The Braille Trail is waiting,
So, come and explore.
Dot by dot,
Braille leads the way,
To success and prosperity,
And a brighter day.

Dottie the dolphin,
With Braille by her side,
Graduated magna cum laude.
As for her achievements, she replied,
"A BRL book in the hand,
Is worth two on the shelf."
But don't just take Dottie's word.
Try it yourself.

  Hit the Braille Trail this summer and discover all the great reading
adventures Beulah Reimer Legacy (BRL), has in store for your Braille reader.
BRL sells print/Braille children's picture books and flash cards at
affordable prices. We offer over 750 titles of the most popular children's
picture books such as Arthur, Clifford, Corduroy, Curious George, Disney,
Dora, Fancy Nancy, Sesame Street, the Berenstain Bears, Dr. Seuss and much,
much more. BRL's mission is to increase Braille literacy and reading
opportunities by placing Braille in the hands of eager readers. We do this
in several ways:

  BRL holds three drawings a year for free books. The first drawing takes
place on January 4 in celebration of Louis Braille's birth. Our second
drawing, May 12, commemorates the birth of Beulah Reimer, the person for
whom BRL was named. Our third drawing is held August 20 and celebrates BRL's
birthday. The names of people who have purchased books during the calendar
year are automatically included in each of the three drawings.

Other BRL Services
  Is there  a book that you would like brailled which is not in our catalog?
If so, let us know. We may be able to Braille it for you. During the past
year, BRL has added Braille to many books upon request.
  Ever want to do a little brailling yourself? No problem. BRL has free
paper snippets that we will send to customers who request them.
  Would you like to continue enjoying your favorite stories, despite wear
and tear. Do you have a BRL book that has been loved a little too much? BRL
is able to do some minor book repairs.
  Books for Newborns: Have a new baby in your house? BRL would like to say
congratulations with a free book. Just let us know when your little one
arrives and we'll put your book in the mail.
  Beulah Reimer Legacy BRL is now on Facebook. "Like" our Facebook page to
receive information about BRL book give aways and other special promotions.

  All our books are brailled in contracted (grade two) Braille with clear
plastic strips which are placed on or near the printed text. Our sight word
flash cards are written in both grade one and grade two Braille so that
readers can learn spelling as well as contracted forms of words. Our
materials are all shipped free of charge. Please allow two weeks for
delivery within the United States. BRL accepts checks, money orders,
purchase orders and payment online via Pay Pal.
  If you would like more information about BRL, to place an order or receive
an e-catalog, please use the contact information below:

April Enderton
7758 Southeast 36th Street
Des Moines, Iowa  50320
Phone: 515-282-0049

Please check our website often for new books as well as old favorites.

Happy summer reading.


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