Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Post by, Serena Olsen, Blind Broad Abroad: Peace Corps Progress &Challenges

Greetings all,

A second blog post on my Peace Corps adventures is up and can be accessed here:

I promise not to harass you forever with these direct announcements
when I post a blog, but you are among the folks I may not actively be
connected with on social media where I push announcements of new
postings, so I just wanted to let you know it's there.  My latest post
can be viewed at the link above, and please, if you'd like to continue
following this coming adventure of mine into Peace Corps service,
click the "Sign Me Up!" button to subscribe and receive notifications
directly from Word Press when I post new material.  I'll likely send
out these direct emails at least until I leave the country, then my
plan for online communication and social media activity will likely
slow and be very contingent upon my access to internet and/or power.


Serena Olsen, MAIPS, NCLB
Employment Services Specialist & Braille Instructor, Lions Center for
the Blind (www.lbcenter.org)
Peace Corps Nominee (Asia 2013)
Treasurer, NFBC East Bay (nfbc-east-bay@googlegroups.com)

"We are all born to be the hero of our own story." --Deepak Chopra


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