Monday, August 13, 2012

Thru Our Eyes: Wednesday, August 15 at 8:00 pm eastern, Anil Lewis, Interview/HR 3086 & Our Next Steps

Greetings to all! The interview scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 is extremely timely. Dave, please forward to all of our NFB email lists. Anna, please archive. Vincent, please post on the state website Anil, for your information John, for your information. Anil and John, please forward to the 45 organizations that are supporting the effort to repeal 14 C. Bea, please distribute to all on our email lists. Brian, please distribute to all on your email lists. Best, Joe Ruffalo *** On Wednesday, August 15 at 8:00 pm eastern, Thru Our Eyes host, Joe Ruffalo will interview Anil Lewis, Director of Strategic Communications of the National Federation of the Blind. Featured will be the unfair, discriminatory and immoral practice of paying people with disabilities sub-minimum wages. The discussion will highlight the following: HR3086, Fair Wages For People With Disabilities Is it legal to pay people with disabilities less than the minimum wage? How is this justified? What is the lowest wage being paid to a person with a disability? What type of work does a sub-minimum wage person performed? What are some of the negative impacts of section of 14C provisions? How do we correct this injustice? Why was Goodwill chosen? What will the protest accomplish? What are the legislative challenges? We invite you to call with your questions and comments by dialing the toll free number: 1 888 572 0141. Following are various options for accessing and or listening live to these broadcasts: No internet is required, just use your phone and dial 1 347 215 7037 (Some charges may apply) For internet access to live or previous shows: or for JAWS and other screen reader users: To watch LIVE shows go to: To listen to archived audio podcasts Click/Enter on the listen to get the audio only or to watch video of past shows go a bit further down the > page for the view and click/enter there for audio and video To listen to the live show via phone, call: 1 347 215 7037. (Some charges may apply) To phone in with a suggestion, comment, or just a shout out: Call toll free: 1 888 572 0141 Looking forward to having you join us on the night of the shows but if you can't listen or view live then you can subscribe to the podcasts by the following links: Subscribe to Audio podcasts:

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