Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NFB 2012 Dallas Convention Heytell Public Relay is Live - Join Now or When You Arrive in Dallas

Link to Join NFB12 Heytell Relay Before Arriving in Dallas: Link to Join NFB 2012 Heytell Public Relay Once in Dallas: Still need Heytell for Apple, Android, or Windows Phone: Greetings, The NFB 2012 Dallas Heytell public relay has gone live as scheduled today, and already has had dozens of people join in its first few hours of operation. The relay provides a voice chat where people can exchange high quality audio messages which are much clearer sounding than a phone call! Need help with a travel question, convention program item, restaurant recommendation, tips from native Texans, or even a computer or app question...the relay is for you! The relay has participants who are new to convention, and those that have attended many conventions. Thanks to those of you who have already joined! The Massachusetts affiliate is maintaining a frequently asked questions page about the relay and other social media activities at: You can also tweet questions to me @pyyhkala Hhere are some frequently asked questions about the relay: Q: Should I join in advance, or once I arrive in Dallas? A: You may get the most out of the relay if you join in advance, because as the saying goes, half the fun is getting there! By joining in advance you can be informed and entertained as people prepare for convention, and travel to Dallas. You'll also get a better sense of some of your colleagues and friends who are attending convention, and get early insider information. Q: Is there any way I can help with this project? A: Yes, please try to invite people who are new to social media and apps. If you meet someone, help them install Heytell, and get signed up on the relay. Help and more information will be available at the #NFB12 Tweetup! Q: Do I have to be attending the convention in Dallas to join the relay? A: No, if you use the join form on the MA web page, also located at: we can manually add you to the relay even if you are not in Dallas. The automated join process will only work if you are in the Dallas area. Q: If I have successfully joined the relay in advance, do I need to visit the page once I arrive in Dallas? A: No, once you have been joined to the relay via the manual invite process, you do not need to visit this page again once you are in Dallas. But do give people the easy to remember web URL address so they can join as well. Q: Will I get too many messages or notifications if I join the relay? A: Traffic varies, and at some times there are lots of messages. However, you can temporarily block the group if you do not want to receive notifications for a period of time. This is done when the group is selected, and by pressing the Friend or Block button in the Heytell app. You can block and unblock the group as needed. You can also otherwise remove Heytell from your notification center if you find you get too many notifications. Also the system will only store about 10 pending unplayed messages, so if you say missed 100 messages, you will only hear a selected 10. Q: Why does the early access signup page say that I might not get in even if I fill out the form? If I fill out the form, will I get access or what? A: We will accommodate as many early signup & out-of-town requests as we are able to process. Your request must be exported, run through a process where your contact data can be imported in to a software tool, and then you are added to the relay. We expect to be able to readily process these manual join requests through Thursday June 28th at 4:00pm EDT, but may not be able to process them as quikcly after and during convention. The disclaimer is also added in case of an unexpected circumstance such as a computer or server problem, power outage, the internet going out, receiving 1 million requests, etc. We have been able to process all early adopter requests so far though! Even if you are not added early you can still join in Dallas at: Q: How long wil the relay be active? A: The relay will be active until and including on Tuesday July 10, 2012. Q: Can I add or message someone privately who speaks on the relay? A: Yes, Heytell has a function for this, and it also depends on the privacy of the user you are trying to send a message too. Q: What privacy level should I set for the relay? A: Its up to you, but the low privacy setting will get you exposure to more types of messages. When you join the relay either early or once in Dallas, you will hear a audio recording that details the privacy setting options. Note that this privacy setting only affects Heytell, and does not reveal other information stored on your mobile device or through other web services you use. You adjust privacy settings in Heytell through the profile tab. Q: If I join the relay, will my email address and/or phone# be revealed to relay participants? A: No. Relay participants will see your name, but not your email address or phone# stored in your Heytell application. Q: Once I join the relay in advance or once in Dallas, can I invite people? A: Yes, once the NFB 2012 Dallas group is highlighted in Heytell, press the more button, and an invite button will be revealed. You can invite someone to the group who is in your mobile devices address book even if the person is outside of Dallas. If your sitting with someone in the coffee shop in Dallas though, it may be faster to just have them access: Best, Mika Pyyhkala, President NFB of Massachusetts Twitter: @pyyhkala & @NFBMA #NFB12 Social Media Page:

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