Friday, June 29, 2012

Louisville Transit Changes; TARC

Fare Increases Effective July 1, 2012: Adult Cash Fare from $1.50 to $1.75. Citizens w/disabilities from $.75 to $.80. TARC 3 from $2.50 to $3.00. Complete list of all fares at this link. Route Eliminations and Service Changes These changes take effect Sun., Aug. 12 June 25, 2012 TARC proposed service changes in April to address a projected budget shortfall. More than 800 comments were received about the proposals during a public comment period that included six public meetings. Following a review of comments, service levels and budget considerations, the following changes were adopted on June 25 and will take effect Aug. 12. For more information on routes, including revised maps and schedules, visit and look for printed route schedules on yellow paper. For a news release on the announcement, please click here. Routes to be eliminated: #37x – Iroquois-Fairdale Express Suggested alternative route: Route #4-Fourth Street, National Turnpike branch, as far as National Turnpike and Sinclair Avenue. #38x – Deering Road Express Suggested alternative route: Route #6-Sixth Street, at Newcut Market Center and routes #18 and #50x along Dixie Highway. Southern Indiana route eliminations (click the link to see map) below are part of a restructuring that will slightly increase the total amount of service there: #65x – Southern Indiana Express Suggested alternative route: Routes #71-Jeffersonville and #72-Clarksville-New Albany to downtown Louisville. Parking available at Greentree Mall adjacent to the bus shelter on Greentree Blvd. near Sears Auto Center, or at Value City Furniture at Eastern Boulevard and Little League Blvd. in Clarksville. #73x – Charlestown Road Express Suggested alternatve route: Route #71 on Grant Line Road, in downtown New Albany. #74 – Jeffersonville Park and Ride Suggested alternative route: Route #72-Clarksville to downtown Louisville. Parking will remain available at the Jeffersonville Park & Ride but passengers will need to walk to Spring Street to board Rt. #72. *Click here for an announcement on the Indiana service Routes proposed for elimination that will continue unchanged #45x – Okolona Express , #53x – Breckenridge Express, #54x – Manslick Express, #68x – Prospect Express Routes with service changes: #1 – Fourth Street Trolley Change: Trolley will be rerouted permanently around 4th Street Live. Bus arrival times will be reduced slightly with 10-minute arrivals maintained during lunchtime. Service will begin one hour earlier on weekdays, at 7 a.m. #2 – Second Street Change: Due to airport expansion, Routes #2-Second Street, #93-UPS Shuttle-UL and # 99-UPS Shuttle-West Louisville, will be rerouted at Crittenden Drive and Nevada Avenue to Woodlawn Avenue, Allmond Avenue and Strawberry Lane to a new extension of Crittenden Drive. Bus arrival times will change every day on Rt. #2. Times will not change on Rts. #93 and #99. #18 – Preston Street – 18th Street Change: Discontinue service to Camp Taylor branch of route. Suggested alternative route: Rts. #18 and #43-Poplar Level Road on either side of the Camp Taylor area. Bus arrival times change slightly on all days. (Change consistent with original proposal.) #19 – Muhammad Ali Change: Bus arrival times will change throughout the day to provide more consistent service along Frankfort Avenue where Routes #19-Muhammad Ali and #31-Middletown now overlap. #22 – Twenty-Second Street Change: Discontinue all trips to New Albany. Service in West Louisville will remain unchanged. Alternative routes: Route #71-Jeffersonville will cover the same route as #22 in Southern Indiana and provide access to downtown Louisville. (Change follows original proposal.) #29 – Eastern Parkway Change: Service east of Bardstown Road en route to Oxmoor Center in St. Matthews will continue with buses arriving less frequently at stops on this section of the route. There are also minor time adjustments on weekdays and weekends on other parts of the route. (TARC originally proposed eliminating Rt. #29 service east of Bardstown Road). #31 – Middletown Change: Trips to East Point business center will continue with three morning and three afternoon trips instead of the current five morning and five afternoon trips. Bus arrival times will change on most weekdays. (TARC originally proposed eliminating all trips to the business center.) #49x – Westport Road Express Change: One morning and one afternoon trip will remain. One morning and one afternoon trip will be discontinued. (TARC originally proposed eliminating the route.) #50x – Dixie Express Change: Discontinue all trips south of Valley Station Shopping Center. Total number of trips will be reduced to four morning and four afternoon trips.Two trips will operate to/from Park Place Mall and the other two will operate to Valley Station Shopping Center. Alternative route: Route #18-Preston -18th Street. #55 – Westport Road Change: Route will continue unchanged but several trip times will be adjusted on weekdays and Saturdays. (TARC originally proposed discontinuing trips north of Springhurst Town Center and Chamberlain Lane.) Southern Indiana route changes, (click the link to see map) part of major route restructuring there: #71 – New Albany-Jeffersonville Change: Improve service on weekdays and take over Route #22 in New Albany. Route #71 will provide access to Indiana University Southeast, downtown New Albany and Louisville with connections to other major routes. The route will serve Pearl Street and Country Club Drive in New Albany. No longer served: New Albany Plaza. (Rt. #82 will serve the plaza and stops along State Street). #71 includes Jeffersonville, via downtown Louisville, where the route will serve Court Avenue, Eighth and Tenth streets and Middle Road and will end at the Meijer on Holman’s Lane. Originally, TARC proposed providing service to the River Ridge Commerce Center, but is unable to do so at this time. #72 - Clarksville Change: Discontinue trips to New Albany. Service in Clarksville will remain unchanged. Alternative route: Route #82 will cover the same route as #72 between New Albany and Clarksville. Route #71 will provide more direct service between New Albany and downtown Louisville. #82-New Albany-Clarksville crosstown (NEW ROUTE) Adds cross-town trips linking New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville. Route description: Travels from Knobs View Apartments to downtown New Albany, through the retail center in Clarksville and the Meijer complex in Jeffersonville, via State Street (New Albany); Lewis and Clark Parkway (Clarksville); Greentree Boulevard (Clarksville), Veterans Parkway (Clarksville-Jeffersonville) and Holmans Lane (Jeffersonville). Specific peak hour trips will serve Jeffersonville Towne Center. Saturdays, service will operate between Knobs View Apartments and Sam Gwin Drive (Sam’s/Wal-Mart) in Clarksville only. There will be no service on Sundays and Holidays. * Click here for an announcement on the Indiana service. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _______________________________________________ Nfbk mailing list To unsubscribe, change your list options or get your account info for Nfbk:

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