Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ViewPoints features using the HotSpotClicker utilitiesto make a graphical UI accessible with JAWS

Learn about the HSC utilities and hear the developer, Jim Snowbarger, talk
about how these tools can be used to make a graphical UI accessible with
JAWS. Also hear a clip from Jim's "Snowman Radio" program, an ad which he
produced, and a sample of his original music.

ViewPoints 1216 4-18-12y Hot Spot Clicker Utility

HotSpotClicker is a free set of JAWS scripts you can use with any
application for increased accessibility. You can define locations on the
screen where mouse clicks need to be performed, or where there is
information you want spoken, and associate that location with a hot key.
Hosts Pete and Nancy Torpey speak with Jim Snowbarger who created HSC.

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