Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Society for the Blind, in Sacramento, California is Seeking O&M Instructor

The Society for the Blind, in Sacramento, California, is hiring for
the position of Orientation and Mobility Instructor. Details are
listed below. Please send applications and resumes to:

Diane Starin
Daily Living Skills Instructor Team Lead Society for the Blind
1238 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-452-8271 ex 530
Email dstarin@societyfortheblind.org

Job Title: Orientation & Mobility Instructor
Classification: Non-Exempt/Full-Time
Reports to: Daily Living Skills Team Lead

General Description: The essential function of the job is to teach
clients how to maneuver and utilize Orientation & Mobility aids,
methods and services intended to assist in the development of the
client's independence and personal skills.

1. Provide instruction in Orientation & Mobility to clients using
the standard methods and techniques of the long cane.
2. Instruct clients in the use of certified low vision and
electric mobility aids.
3. Provide instruction in problem solving, direction finding and
structured discovery of the travel environment.
4. Orient clients to their physical environment through maximum
development and utilization of their remaining senses.
5. Conduct training on city streets. Instruction is to include,
but not limited to the use of public transportation, escalators,
elevators, revolving doors and other features found in traveling.
6. Prepare tactual and auditory maps and instruct clients in
their proper use.
7. Evaluate clients' functional, physical and mental
capabilities, as related to mobility and orientation.
8. Determine individual clients' need for physical conditioning.
9. Stay current in areas of responsibility.
10. Address and conduct workshops for interested groups as requested.

1. Maintain thorough, complete and timely ongoing weekly and
monthly record keeping of client services; including, but not
limited to case notes, lesson notes, evaluations, progress reports,
and correspondence.

Team building and Networking
1. Present client issues to supervisor and contribute to ongoing
problem solving of such issues while maintaining appropriate confidentiality.
2. Consult with other professionals, family members or other
appropriate parties regarding the progress and problems of the clients.
3. Participate in individual case conferences and confer
regularly with program staff on multi-disciplinary service team
concerning client's program and adjustment to blindness or vision loss.
4. Maintain positive and professional relations with counselors
of Department of Rehabilitation and other agencies as well as
Society clients, staff, and volunteers.
5. Coordinate effective client service with third-party
counselors, such as Department of Rehabilitation.

Other Duties:
1. Attend all staff and department meetings
2. Adhere to all Society policies and procedures
3. Obtain training to enhance job requirements
4. Other duties as required

1. A minimum of two years working experience.
2. Master's Degree in appropriate field.
3. Applicants must be graduates from either:
AER-certified institutions
O&M programs sponsored by the U.S. Rehabilitation Services
Administration (RSA).
4. Certification/certifiability from one of RSA approved
certifying bodies required
5. Excellent writing skills- English grammar and usage.
6. Excellent verbal communication skills.
7. Good computer skills. MS Office programs- Word, Excel,
Outlook & Internet Explorer.


Peg Jolene Halverson
Information Technology Facilitator
Society for the Blind
Phone: 916.889.7550

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