Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A non-techy's opinion on the iphone 4s using voice over!

Hi, This is Nickie Pearl. This opinion is not coming from the NFB, but from my own experience using the new iphone 4s using voice over.

If you know me, then you know I usually avoid anything that has to do with technology. I have a guy! My husband is the techy one who keeps me up to date on all the cool things and keeps me connected. He takes care of the computer issues and any problem I have, he fixes it!

My husband has had an iphone for many years now and loves it! He uses it to it's full potential. When the iphone 4s was being talked about, the rumblings of siri and the voice over option, of course it sounded cool to me, but with the techfobia I have...it was just that. My husband got the 4s and was showing me all the cool and accessible features, I have to admit I drooled all over the darn phone! I tried to stand my ground and tell my wonderful husband that I did not want the phone for the simple fact it cost so much per month, you know the data plan. Keep in mind I've been using a flip phone with just a number pad for years!

As wonderful as my husband is, he loves to spoil me. This past Friday FedEx delivered a package. No big deal, UPS or FedEx is at our house many times a week. I'm going on with my business and my husband says to me "Now don't be mad but", and he handed me a box. I took one look and wanted to cry. I was excited but at the same time full of anxiety. This little box scared the living snot out of me. There is no arguing with my wonderful hubby, he had it in his head that is little piece of technology would help me in so many ways and he wanted me to have it. He says it's an early birthday gift...knowing him, I'll get something else too.

Here's where having "a guy" comes in real handy. He did all the set up of the phone. All I did was add some new contacts and type in my password. About 2 hours after receiving the phone I ws playing with it.

I do have some vision, not enough to read print or make out pictures, just enough not to run into big things or get run over by a car, Thank Goodness!
Since my husband has an iphone, he gave me some hints, tips and tricks and then let me go. I LOVE IT!

It really is easy, my fear of the thing did not last long at all. I set all my dounds, set up voice mail, added things to my calendar, downloaded apps, updated my Facebook status, txt people, check my e-mail and even made a phone call.
The more I play with it, the more new things I find out about it. I have used JAWS and currently I'm using Zoomtext with Speech on my computer so using voice over is easy. The 3 finger swipe is getting more fluent and double tapping is second nature now and it's only been 4 days.

I'm sure I still have alot to learn and more to discover, but you know, I'm excited about that. If you are someone like me who may not be the techy one, you may have "a guy" who will let you pike around on his. Try it out, play with voice over and siri. The technology is built in and ready for us to use!

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