Thursday, October 6, 2011

The following was sent out on the NFB Affiliate Presidents e-mail list.

Fellow Presidents:

Recently, I announced my candidacy for the United States Congress in South
Carolina's newly created 7th Congressional District. The Election will
occur on November 6, 2012. In the meantime, I am organizing a committee,
raising money, and launching a campaign which will ultimately send a
Federationist to Congress. If you simply Google "Parnell Diggs Congress",
you will see how much exposure the Federation has already received.

This is a most exciting opportunity, and I think we can win. Some of my
colleagues have suggested that I post the address for campaign donations on
the Presidents' List so you can forward it to your state lists, or any other
lists if you are so inclined. Please send any donations to P.O. Box 15023,
Surfside Beach, SC 29587. My campaign webpage,, is coming very soon. You will be able to
donate there as well.

And finally, some articles in the media say "former president" of the NFB of
SC. This was a mistake by our local paper, and the AP picked it up before
the correction was published. I am still very much the President of the NFB
of SC. Thanks.

Parnell Diggs

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