Friday, July 22, 2011

Adult Rehabilitation & Employment Survey--Last chance.

Adult Rehabilitation and Employment Survey

This will serve as a final invitation to ask you for your consideration
in taking part in the Adult Rehabilitation and Employment Survey.

To date, we have obtained usable data on more than 800 individuals who
are blind or visually impaired, making this project already one of the
largest field studies of blind persons that has been conducted in the
United States in recent memory. However, this is not enough. For the
data to be meaningful, we are shooting for at least 2,000 individuals to
complete the survey. Only through having robust numbers of individuals
who are employed, unemployed, retired, or those seeking employment can
we draw meaningful conclusions about the rehabilitation and education
systems in our country. This means that if you meet the criteria and
have not yet participated, we need you!!

This survey is intended for adults who are blind or visually impaired,
and who are of employment age. The purpose of the survey is to gain some
information about your experiences with Vocational Rehabilitation,
adjustment to blindness training, education, and employment. If you are
legally blind or significantly visually impaired, and if you are of
employment age (at least 18 years old), you are invited to complete this

For your convenience, we have two options for you to participate. They

1. Click on the following link and you can complete the questions

2. If you prefer, you can contact our office and someone will take your
responses over the phone. You can call 318-257-4554, or e-mail to make these arrangements.

If you have already completed the survey, thank you. Please also be sure
to forward this onto your friends and social networking groups as well
because we are looking for a complete cross-section of society-every
voice of a blind/visually impaired person counts.

You cam complete this survey in under ten minutes. We cannot thank you
enough for your time and attention to our work. For those who do
participate in this survey, you will be entered into a drawing where 5
individuals will win a $100 VISA gift card. So, take ten minutes to
share your experiences with us and get a chance to win!

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