Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Party info

Happy Holidays!

We are less then two weeks away from our NFBGL Christmas party. The party will be held on Sunday December 5th from 4-7pm at the Logan's Roadhouse, 5055 Shelbyville Rd.
Parents, Santa will be joining us, so if you are bringing your kiddos and would like for them to receive a gift from Santa all you need to do is. Bring your child a wrapped gift and have his/her name marked on it and give it to a NFBGL Board member when you arrive. We'll make sure all gifts get in Santa's bag.
Let's not forget about the big kids! We will be doing the adult gift exchange. If you'd like to join in all you need to do is. Bring a gender specific gift, $10 value, mark it boy or girl and give it to a NFBGL board member when you arrive.
Don't forget about our Christmas family. Our chapter is collecting money for an awesome family this year. Not only are we giving needed help we are giving the parents the joy of shopping for their own children. If you'd like to donate you have a couple of options. Mail your check or money order, made payable to NFBGL to, Nickie Pearl 1014 Camden Ave. Louisville, Ky 40215. Or you can bring your donation to the Christmas party and hand deliver it to me.
If you have any questions, Please e-mail me at, njp@insightbb.com
I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Thank You,